Illegals Picky About Food, Weather, Monitoring In US

Those who cross the U.S. border illegally get free lodging, free smartphones and free flights to destinations of their choosing. To board these chartered flights, they are not subject to the same loathsome Transportation Safety Authority (TSA) screenings that U.S. citizens must endure. Identification requirements are a bit less burdensome, as the TSA is accepting illegals at their word or even accepting arrest warrants as identification.

They are housed in high-end hotels. Homeless veterans are being displaced from rooms and wedding bookings are being canceled to make room for illegals. Debit cards with $400 balances are distributed to border crossers, courtesy of not only the United States but the United Nations as well.

But all is not well with some of the United States’ newest guests. It seems that along with all the other amenities, President Joe Biden has neglected to provide warm weather for them, most of whom arrive from destinations much nearer the Equator.

Speaking through an interpreter, one Venezuelan immigrant being housed in Chicago said: “I’m not accustomed to this cold, it’s too excessive, the cold you have here.” December temperatures are typically in the 90’s in Caracas, Venezuela.

Additionally, free meals given to illegals daily through contractors are being thrown out in large numbers. Migrants housed in Manhattan’s Roosevelt Hotel have been seen purchasing their own food. One mother said in an interview with the New York Post: “The breakfast they give us is very sweet. They give us pancakes, donuts and cookies for breakfast at 6 a.m. It is too sweet to give to my daughter, so I just take a few things. Nothing healthy apart from eggs and fruit, apples and oranges. No oats.”

Another complaint from illegals has been that ankle bracelets used to monitor their location were a bit too uncomfortable. Not to worry, the Biden administration has discontinued the practice in favor of an alternate solution: give each immigrant a free smartphone and use an app to track them.

“Now, migrants here can sift through piles of clothes and look for items without the need to accommodate the bulky and ill-fitting devices” said one woman associated with tracking immigration cases.

With improperly screened illegals traveling freely in the U.S. with inadequate monitoring, every state is now a border state. Perhaps global warming will make an appearance in northern Democrat cities and migrants can spend those prepaid debit cards on items other than winter parkas.