Israel’s War Cabinet To Meet Following Attack

Israel’s leaders will be convening a special session of the war cabinet today after an unprecedented direct attack from Iran last night. Tehran has announced that it will not initiate further attacks unless provoked.

On a tense Sunday morning, Europe and the Middle East faced a new geopolitical reality after Iran’s first direct confrontation with Israel. The international community, including European Union leaders, called for moderation from both sides to prevent escalation.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen described the attack, which saw most projectiles intercepted by Israeli and allied defenses, as indefensible. Iran launched this aggressive response after Israel targeted senior Iranian military officials in Damascus.

Over 300 drones were used in the attack in combination with rockets from different areas of the region.

Head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Gen. Hossein Salami stated the operation was intentionally limited, calling the sustained assault a response to Israel’s attack on an Iranian embassy that killed several officials.

U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced Britain’s role in assisting Israel with air defense as the rockets and drones became too much for the nation’s Iron Dome to hold off alone. Several countries participated in the defense of Israel’s airspace alongside Israel’s own defense systems.

On the other side of the conflict, Russian President Vladamir Putin put out an explicit warning to the U.S., declaring that if Americans attack Iran on Iranian soil, Russia would enter the fight on Iran’s side.

The Biden administration considers Israel’s successful defense against the historic attack as a convenient result of the attack, reportedly hoping that the small amount of damage done will prevent further hostilities.

Following a call between Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and President Biden, during which Biden called for restraint, Israel’s war cabinet decided against immediately retaliating for the strikes.

Pope Francis called for Israelis and Palestinians to have the ability to live their lives in safety during a recent gathering in St. Peter’s Square.

The entire world is holding its breath to see if Iran’s attack is really over and whether or not Israel will retaliate further — and what that retaliation will mean for their allies.

Iran has sent warnings to Israel since the attack subsided to not take any further military actions, urging restraint across the community