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American Watchdog aims to inform and protect the values of traditional Americans. From farm to church to school to the office, we know you’re busy — which is why we provide you with the information you need to protect your community and make impactful decisions in the voting booth.

At American Watchdog, we provide you with the bigger picture, so you can see how the United States fits into — and powerfully commands — global affairs. We’ll also give you frequent updates about state and national-level news so you can act fast.

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The American Watchdog team hails from all over the United States. From the enclaves of the liberal elite, to the ranks of the armed forces, our group of conservative Americans are providing you with balanced, fair, frequent updates about the latest news and emerging global themes.

Finding meaning in an age of global conflict and uneasiness is hard — and it’s tough to explain to your family and friends. Have an informed perspective with American Watchdog. Our updates are frequent and free.

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