American Watchdog Editorial Policy

Thank you so much for visiting American Watchdog. Our goal is to become your #1 source when it comes to news that holds our politicians, the media, and even our fellow citizens accountable for their actions. We are a team committed to the delivery of the latest and most important updates from Capitol Hill, while also exploring the global issues and policies that have the potential to shape our landscape.

The American Watchdog Mission

Here at American Watchdog, every member of our team understands and stands firm in the overarching concern for the erosion of American rights and values. We believe in upholding the Constitution and its embodied principles. We do so by diligently reporting on any story that stands to pose a threat to your treasured conservative values, your right to self-expression, and the religious freedoms guaranteed to us in our constitution.

Our Overarching Editorial Policy

Here at American Watchdog, we believe in accountability. Our mission is to hold not just politicians, but our fellow citizens and media outlets accountable for the words they speak or print, as well as for their actions. The reporting we do is driven by our sincere commitment to transparency and truth, without regard to the political affiliation of our subject.

We also believe in defending the rights of our fellow Americans. We are dedicated to safeguarding the liberties our founding fathers believed in when they wrote the Constitution. If there’s an issue that we fear may infringe upon said rights, you can be sure we’ll be reporting on it.

Lastly, we want to do our part to empower our fellow citizens in a responsible manner. Each and every one of us plays a role in spreading political awareness and in doing our part to preserve our core American values. Our frequent updates on potential threats to your right should enable every one of you to make the informed decision necessary to protect your families and your communities.

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