American Watchdog Team

Welcome to American Watchdog. We’re thrilled by your interest in our team and we’re proud to introduce you to the highly skilled individuals behind the words you read here. Each and every one supports our mission to defend American values and hold our government accountable. Each member of our team comes from a diverse background, with each lending a particularly unique perspective to our end result.

The American Watchdog Mission

Everyone here has a similar belief system. We do our best to promote the importance of each American’s personal responsibility as it applies to upholding our cherished American values, making sure our rights are safeguarded, and remaining politically aware. Our mission is to provide our readers with regular updates that will keep them informed about threats to their liberties and rights, empowering each of us to protect our communities, families, and of course our faith.

Meet the American Watchdog Team

The team here is made up of an incredibly diverse community of specialists who represent Americans from all walks of life. We have dedicated contributors, experienced journalists, designers, and editors — all of whom are united with a common purpose. We want to hold our elected officials and anyone else in power accountable for their actions.

Our diverse backgrounds lend to an eclectic mix. We have former politicians, teachers, tradespeople, corporate executives, and so many other incredible people here to share with you each day. They ensure each segment of the American population is properly represented as we work to identify areas of interest and need.

Please Keep in Touch

We hope you’ll choose to stay in touch with us and become a part of the American Watchdog mission. The support, feedback, and engagement we get from our readers is an incredibly essential part of our mission. The more we work together, the faster we can move the needle toward the complete preservation of American values.

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