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American Watchdog is your source for holding the politicians, the media, and your fellow citizens accountable. Learn about the latest updates from Capitol Hill, explore global issues and policies, and examine the greater themes presenting themselves as news unfolds.

At American Watchdog, we are concerned about the eroding of American rights. We uphold the Constitution and the values therein, and report on anything that threatens our conservative way of life, traditional values, and the right to express ourselves and worship freely as promised by our founding document.

The American Watchdog Mission

American Watchdog believes that every citizen takes on personal responsibility when it comes to being aware of political matters, understanding when their rights are threatened, and upholding traditional American values and a conservative way of life. In keeping with this, our mission is to provide frequent updates about when and where your rights are threatened, enabling you to have the information you need to protect your family, your community, and your faith.

What We Do Here

You can find the news and thoughtful insight you need to know what’s happening right now, as well as understand the big picture issues. You can go digging with the Daily Sleuth to uncover greater themes with geopolitical and national events to explore a greater meaning. Or, probe with the Watchdog Relay to stay informed about the latest goings on in Congress.

From your home state to destinations around the world, our mission is to ensure you know what you need to make informed, practical decisions to keep your family and community safe. At American Watchdog, our goal is to help you preserve traditional American values.

Digging for the Daily Sleuth

If you see the patterns in the news, the Daily Sleuth is for you. This newsletter is packed with information about greater patterns in the news and how these themes impact our lives. From the rising tide of liberalism in the media to pro-abortion legislation, the Daily Sleuth helps you identify patterns and emergent themes so you know what to keep an eye on and can guess at what’s happening next.

Probing with the Watchdog Relay

American Watchdog’s Watchdog Relay helps you stay on top of news as it happens. We cover hot button issues, and report in a way that respects our law enforcement personnel and our heroes serving at home and abroad. The Watchdog Relay is all about staying informed with breaking news to protect those we love — to remain aware, to vote smart, and to ensure conservative, traditional American values persist.

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