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American Watchdog is a news publication based in the US and dedicated to uncovering the latest in politics and news. We keep a watchful eye on politicians, lawmakers, and influential leaders in the United States to bring you impactful reports on what’s happening in our nation’s highest offices. When you receive regular news updates from American Watchdog, you’ll be keeping up with some of the most important stories of the moment.

If you’re concerned about keeping up with where our country is headed, we completely understand. Our team is made up of proud Americans who, like you, hold our Constitutional liberties in high regard and want to do what we can to protect them. We exercise our rights to free speech and freedom of the press to report on the goings-on in our nation and beyond. And, we understand that you want to know the stories that could have an effect on your everyday life.

Watchful, Trustworthy News

Our team is concerned with reporting the news in an honest and trustworthy manner. We respect our readers’ diversity of thought and ability to make up their minds for themselves. For that reason, we focus on delivering fact-based news without a mainstream slant.

When we hear of a newsworthy event that threatens our American way of life, we will share it. We believe that each generation must be engaged in protecting its freedoms, so we pay attention to the laws that are passed, the lawmakers who lead, and the politicians seeking election. We bring those reports to you with an objective viewpoint so you can take in the facts, then decide how you feel about the things that are unfolding in our country.

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Daily Sleuth

American Watchdog will send you regular Daily Sleuth reports. These digestible news stories will keep you informed on events and issues from both the US and around the globe. Noteworthy events start a ripple effect that spreads to others and often, to everyday Americans working to support their families. These reports will help you stay up-to-date on the latest events, laws, and issues that concern everyday Americans just like you.

Watchdog Relay

Our Watchdog Relay stories cover a wide range of important topics in American life, including politics, social issues, and other worthy events. We take a deeper dive into stories that concern all of us as Americans–because we know you’re interested in staying updated, too. Stick with us for straightforward and fair reports that will not only let you know what’s going on in our world, but will also give you the chance to decide your own opinions.

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