GOP Lawmaker To Introduce Bill Banning Non-American Flags From Congress

Following the display of Ukrainian flags in Congress after a foreign aid package was approved by the legislative chamber, a Republican lawmaker has announced plans to introduce a bill that would forbid any flag besides that of the United States to be flown inside Congress.

Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) said on social media that she was “infuriated” by the display of foreign flags on the House floor last week, which were “pass[ed] out and wave[d]”after the chamber finally approved a foreign aid package that has caused considerable division among lawmakers.

The legislation approved billions of dollars to be sent to United States allies, including Ukraine as it continues to defend itself against Russia, Israel while it strives to eliminate Hamas, and Taiwan, which remains determined to stay independent of China’s communist rule.

Cammack’s announcement comes after the sudden display in support of Ukraine—which also called for even greater financial support to be provided to the war-torn nation—and amid similar backlash shared on social media. The waving of the flags served as an additional trigger for Republicans who view the intent of Democrats to support foreign countries as a lack of prioritization of their own country and constituents, citing the immigration and security crisis at the American border.

Most of the flags present at the time of the controversial incident were small and hand-held, but Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) furthered the move by wrapping a full-sized flag around his shoulders while he voted in favor of the legislation. This occurred not long after the House approved a $95 billion aid package designated for foreign allies.

While many House Republicans are frustrated with House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) for his support of the bill, he joined Cammack in denouncing the presentation of Ukrainian flags after the measure passed, describing the waving of the flags as a “violation of decorum.”

Speaking to the media after the vote, Johnson explained that there had been “a disturbance” on the floor, adding that there should be “only” a single flag waved in the chamber, referring to the American flag. He also indicated that “most people around the country” would “understand and agree” with this perspective.