UN Attacks Traditional Motherhood; Wants Women To Choose Career Over Children

While society has tried to tear down the nuclear family for decades, it has now gone one step further; trying to dismantle the traditional household where the mother stays home to care for the children and the house.

According to Family Watch International Policy Advisor and pro-family author Kimberly Ells, the U.N. wants to eliminate the role of stay-at-home mothers, referring to the hard-working and dedicated women as “unpaid care workers.”

Once seen as an honorary role, stay-at-home mothers or housewives were seen as equivalent providers for their families. While men went out and were “breadwinners” providing economically for their families, housewives were responsible for providing for the children, cooking, cleaning and supporting their husbands.

Now, if a woman describes herself as a stay-at-home mom, housewife or homemaker, leftists and those who claim to be woke will mock her, claiming that she is a slave to her husband or brainwashed.

While progressives and feminists think that it’s degrading for women to stay at home and take care of their household and children, they couldn’t be any more wrong. One of the toughest and most rewarding jobs in the world for a woman is raising her children.

Ells, who attended the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women meeting in New York, reported that the main objective was to force mothers from their traditional roles and get them into the workplace. At the same time, their children are placed in government-run schools known as “universal daycare,” where they are indoctrinated.

According to Ells, they want “to get moms away from their babies” and into the workplace to end poverty.

The U.N.’s war on traditional mothers can be seen as political, as the woke movement and leftist ideologies begin taking over American values. According to Today, the majority of housewives identify as conservative and anti-feminist.

The outlet also reported that Christian women tend to navigate toward being homemakers. According to the Bible, women are to take care of their households and children while men work. For these women, fulfilling this role is in obedience to God.

When observing society, things began to decline as feminism became popular. Women were told that they no longer had to stay home and could enter the workforce while Uncle Sam took care of their children. Today, children as a whole have become disrespectful and get into more trouble.

On top of that, women have been encouraged to put their careers first instead of being family-focused. This is not only an attack on mothers but the family. It’s not surprising that President Joe Biden is all for the idea of ripping children away from their mothers.

While taking mothers out of the home can be disastrous, Ells is confident that the traditional family will continue to survive.