Wisconsin Supreme Court Considering Phillips’ Presidential Ballot Case

On Thursday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court indicated it will weigh in on U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips’ (D-WI) bid to get added to the state’s presidential primary ballot, according to the Associated Press.

The state elections commission has been ordered by the court not to transmit the presidential primary ballot to county clerks until the court indicates otherwise.

Phillips asked the court six days ago to have his name added to the ballot after a state presidential selection committee chose not to include it.

As of now, the sole Democrat currently on the April 2 ballot is incumbent Joe Biden. That’s the way he wants to keep it.

Phillips came in a distant second in the New Hampshire primary with 19.6% of the vote, according to WCCO. He had set his sights on garnering more than 20% but declared a victory in his speech to supporters.

“So I’m here to say, you ready to keep this baby going? Because I sure the hell am,” Phillips said.

Phillips explained that he had come into New Hampshire virtually unknown, so getting near 20% is a win.

On Wednesday, Wisconsin election officials asked the Supreme Court to deny Phillips’ effort to get on the ballot, according to CBS News. The state elections commission and a special bipartisan argued Phillps sued too late.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s one-sentence order directed the state’s Elections Commission not to transmit the ballot to county clerks until further notice.

Though the court has not officially decided to rule in the case, it has agreed to consider arguments from Phillips, the elections commission and the presidential selection committee.

Why would Democrats expand so much energy excluding Phillips? His chances of winning are next to none. Democrats, however, abhor descension within their ranks. They prefer conformity over debate.

And why would Phillips risk his political career by challenging a powerful incumbent? He’s fed up.

While campaigning in New Hampshire before the primary, Phillips called his party “deluded” for backing Biden, according to Bloomberg. He said Biden couldn’t win the general election and branded him “unelectable and weak.”

Like it or not, there is dissension in the Democratic hive. Phillips appears determined to keep the debate alive.