US Southern Command Cancels Sound Of Freedom

The US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) canceled two showings of independent movie Sound of Freedom at SOUTHCOM headquarters.

Sound of Freedom is an independent film about child trafficking and the connections to various government investigations. The movie has received criticism from liberal sources stating the film is QANON inspired. This viewpoint has lead to many theaters refusing to show the film. Now, SOUTHCOM is joining the conservative censorship bandwagon.

The Military Times reached out to SOUTHCOM for a statement regarding why the movie showings were canceled. SOUTHCOM responded with their reasoning for canceling the shows stating it was to “prevent the appearance of copyright infringement,” adding that “the film is currently available to view at local theaters, and personnel and their families who would like to see the film are encouraged to do so.”

The problem with the SOUTHCOM response is that many bases do moving showings without an issue of copyright infringement.

The theory has become that SOUTHCOM did this so they would not have to take sides in the argument over how truthful the movie is. By holding showings on a military or government related base, it could be seen as SOUTHCOM backing the movie and the implications the movie makes.

The issue SOUTHCOM is now facing is the same one that liberals are facing across the country. They do not want unnecessary attention brought to their actions, but the actions they choose are bringing that exact attention.

By SOUTHCOM offering the two showings then removing them after questions by the liberal media, it shows they are trying to silence anything that connects to anti-liberal viewpoints. Conservative movies such as Sound of Freedom that shed the light on the truth behind certain choices by the liberal government administration fall under anti-liberal viewpoints.

The popularity of the movie is also connected to former President Donald Trump. Trump’s high commendation for the movie in July sparked several theories that movie makes “baseless claims” regarding the kidnapping of migrant children and their use in liberal elite trafficking rings. These theories have been circulating the liberal camps and spreading out to defame Trump as he runs in the 2024 presidential election.