Tucker Carlson Unveils Launch Of New Streaming Service

Tucker Carlson, a former anchor at Fox News and prominent conservative political commentator, is embarking on a new chapter in his career with the launch of the “Tucker Carlson Network,” a streaming service set to debut on Monday.

This decision comes after Carlson’s unexpected exit from Fox News in April, which subsequently led to Carlson’s decision to independently broadcast news segments directly on X, formerly known as Twitter. The background to the firing incident included a major development involving Fox News and a $787 million defamation lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems.

The legal dispute stemmed from Fox News’ questioning of Dominion’s voting machines’ integrity. The settlement was a major factor in Carlson’s departure, but several theories have been made available as to the real reasons behind his dismissal. Carlson has been active since his departure by making interview and monologue appearances on social media.

Nevertheless, his audience, who are used to watching him host the top cable news program in the country, admit these online segments could never replace the actual show. Carlson, In his characteristically enthusiastic and humorous style, declared:

“Hey, it’s Tucker Carlson!… Time flies when you’re unemployed, but actually, we have been working in secret and producing an awful lot of material for months now…has now found its way to TuckerCarlson.com. We’re launching a brand new thing very soon and we’d love for you to see it. So go to TuckerCarlson.com to see it first.”

In addition, the upcoming streaming service has been christened “The Tucker Carlson Network,” or TCM. Insiders say that by midweek, the platform will house at least five different shows, consisting of interviews, short-form videos, as well as monologues.

Subscribers will be required to pay a relatively low amount of $9 per month or subscribe annually for $72 to access all content offered by the Tucker Carlson Network. The platform will first be made available for purchase on Carlson’s website only.

Some of this content will be available for free but with commercials, and exclusive interviews and monologues will be reserved for subscribers, enabling those subscribers to avoid the commercials. His loyal viewers anxiously look forward to his comeback in his old style but with even more innovations during this countdown to launching.

The Tucker Carlson Network is ready to find its place in the competitive world of online streaming services, offering viewers an exciting blend of engaging content from one of the most recognizable figures in the news and on social media.