Trump Unleashes On Fox News Via Truth Social

In a series of videos unleashed on Truth Social on Wednesday, President Donald Trump minced no words as he took aim at Fox News and some of its commentators. Trump’s blitz is an unwavering sign that the battle for conservative media has entered a new era.

“Why does Fox News constantly put on slow-thinking and lethargic Bill Barr, who didn’t have the courage or stamina to fight the radical left lunatics while he was the attorney general,” Trump said. The former president’s criticism comes when Fox News’ ratings have reportedly plummeted by 35%, something Trump attributes to the channel’s choice of pundits. “They don’t want to hear Bill Barr. They want to hear the people that are going to make America great again,” he added.

Trump didn’t stop at Barr. He also warned Fox News that the network will inevitably decline if it doesn’t course-correct soon. “Fox News should get on the proper road. It’s a road to greatness. It’s a road to making America great again and putting America first,” Trump emphasized.

Contrary to Trump’s claims about Fox News’ ratings, the network pulled in a surprising 12.8 million viewers for its first GOP primary debate of the 2024 campaign season, despite Trump’s notable absence.

That said, Trump remains a potent force in conservative media, capable of shaking up established networks. This isn’t just about criticizing Fox News; it’s about Trump flexing his muscle via his platform, Truth Social, which has become a rival in the conservative media landscape. Trump posted a staggering 31 videos in five hours on the platform, targeting not just Fox News but also Joe Biden and the Department of Justice.

In his videos, Trump continued to champion the “America First” narrative, criticizing media mogul Rupert Murdoch as a “globalist” and accusing Fox News of supporting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over him in the GOP primary race for 2024. He even threw some zingers at DeSantis, dubbing him “DeSanctimonious” and mentioning that he’s “fallen like a very badly injured bird out of the sky.”

The conservative landscape is becoming more diverse, fragmented and competitive. But the key takeaway from Trump’s Truth Social tirade is this: The fight for the soul of conservative media is far from over, and Trump is not one to sit on the sidelines. The 45th president seems ready to bring about change, from the platform to the pundits, one Truth Social post at a time.