Trump Slams ‘Feeble And Compromised’ Biden Ahead Of Meeting With Xi Jinping

During a campaign rally on Saturday evening, former President Donald Trump slammed President Joe Biden — declaring that Chinese President Xi Jinping would be greeted with a “feeble and compromised politician” during their meeting later this week.

Biden is scheduled to meet with the Chinese dictator on Wednesday at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in San Francisco, California. According to an October report from CBS News, potential issues that could be discussed during Biden and Xi’s meeting include increased Chinese aggression toward Taiwan and Xi’s close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is the first time Xi has stepped on U.S. soil in six years, and California has taken extreme measures to prepare for his visit — clearing out the homeless encampments and open-air drug markets overnight.

Speaking in Claremont, New Hampshire, the GOP frontrunner condemned Biden’s foreign policy — arguing that the world has become less safe under his leadership and “weakness,” which he believes Xi will be able to exploit.

“Under Biden, our adversaries see the weakness and foolishness of America’s leaders,” Trump said, according to The Post Millennial. “When President Xi sits across the table from Crooked Joe, as he will Wednesday in San Francisco, he will see a feeble and compromised politician who can be humiliated and steamrolled.”

“No one respects or fears this administration — and it’s leading to danger, death, destruction, war, chaos, and bedlam all over the world,” he added.

The former president went on to explain that voters should choose him in the 2024 election if they want to avoid a third world war — stating that the threat of World War III has “never been closer” than under Biden. He also pointed out that the U.S. was “respected by everyone” under his leadership, and once again warned America’s adversaries that if they “spill a drop of American blood, we spill a gallon” of theirs.

“So whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or independent, if you don’t want your sons and daughters drafted to fight and die in distant foreign lands that many of you have never even heard of, if you don’t want your nation wrecked, if you don’t want your economy destroyed, if you don’t want American blood and American treasure squandered in a needless global war… you have to vote for a gentleman named Donald J. Trump,” he said.