Barrymore Pleads With Harris To Become America’s ‘Momala’

Talk show host Drew Barrymore has long exhibited unvarnished obsequiousness toward her guests, frequently invading their personal space while peppering them with servile questions and gushing praise.

Even in light of her sycophantic reputation, though, her recent interview of Vice President Kamala Harris struck many critics as over the top.

At one point in the segment, Barrymore made a reference to Harris’ anecdote about her stepchildren, whom she said refer to her as “momala.”

The host implied that the country would be better off if all Americans were the vice president’s stepchildren.

“I keep thinking in my head that we all need a mom,” she said. “I’ve been thinking that we really all need a tremendous hug in the world right now. But in our country, we need you to be the momala of the country.”

Barrymore’s subservience continued as she suggested Harris could be the “great protector” she believes America so desperately needs.

“As a woman who respects so much and wants to share and wants to be confident and has no ounce of meek, that has competitiveness, when we lift each other up, we all rise,” the host rambled.

Harris replied by denouncing what she described as a “perverse approach to what strength looks like,” insisting that “the true measure of your strength is based on where you lift up.”
The vice president’s excoriation of America continued with a discussion of the criticism she has received of her loud, grating laugh.

Claiming that those who dare mock her are motivated by “straight-up sexism,” Harris admitted that she does not have a “ladylike” laugh but instead “lets it all out in one enormous cackle.”

Fox News Channel personality Will Cain was among the many social media users who sounded off on the interview.

“Howard Stern refers to Joe Biden as the ‘Father of the Country,’” he wrote. “Drew Barrymore says Kamala needs to be our ‘Momala.’ Who exactly is in a cult? These people aren’t looking for a leader they’re looking for surrogate parents.”