Poll: 57% Of Voters Want Hunter Biden Indicted For Influence Peddling

A Yahoo/YouGov poll published on Wednesday revealed that 57% of voters say Hunter Biden should be indicted for influence peddling, while only 14% believe he shouldn’t.

Last week, recently-appointed Special Counsel David Weiss indicted Hunter Biden on three gun-related charges — which many conservatives have argued are a “distraction” from the bigger picture of the Biden family’s foreign business schemes and alleged influence peddling.

Meanwhile, a majority of voters believe that Hunter Biden should be facing more than just these gun charges.

The poll asked respondents: “Federal prosecutors are also reportedly investigating Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals, which have drawn accusations of influence peddling. Do you think Hunter Biden should be indicted for such deals?”

Broken down by political affiliation, the poll showed that 57% of independents, 87% of Republicans and 29% of Democrats believe that Hunter Biden should be indicted for influence peddling. Only 15% of voters responded that they were “unsure” — including 34% of independents, 10% of Republicans and 45% of Democrats.

The responses were more even when broken down by education — with 54% of individuals with a high school education or less, 56% of individuals who attended some college and 54% of college or post-college graduates all believing that Hunter Biden should be indicted.
The poll was conducted between September 14-18, sampling 1,636 adults with a ± 2.7 percent margin of error.

As support for indictments and investigations into the Biden family’s shady business dealings continues to increase, House Republicans have ramped up their efforts to uncover additional evidence of criminal activity from President Joe Biden and his family members. Earlier this month, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) officially announced an impeachment inquiry into the president — while several Republican-led committees continue their investigations.

In July, the House Oversight Committee published an official timeline detailing key dates involved in the Biden family’s influence-peddling scheme — which spans 14 years, starting with then-Vice President Joe Biden entering the White House under the Obama administration.

“President Biden has repeatedly denied knowing anything about his family’s business dealings despite evidence to the contrary. Our timeline contains important dates as to when Joe Biden knew and lied to the American people about his family’s business schemes,” the official GOP Oversight account on X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote in a post at the time.