O’Keefe Uncovers Migrant Center’s Secret Operations

In a shocking revelation published Wednesday, independent investigative journalist James O’Keefe of O’Keefe Media Group unveiled the workings of what he described as a “secretive Migrant Refugee Facility” in Phoenix, Arizona. The facility, allegedly operated by the International Rescue Committee (IRC), is accused of clandestinely transporting illegal immigrants to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, raising significant questions about the transparency and legality of such operations.

O’Keefe’s investigation, which involved direct encounters with facility workers and immigrants, paints a concerning picture of the IRC’s activities. The IRC, a global non-governmental organization with a 2021 budget exceeding $1 billion, received a substantial $415 million from U.S. government grants in the same year. The European Union has also contributed $75 million to the IRC.

The journalist’s confrontation with facility worker Jesus Moreno was particularly telling. Moreno, attempting to dissuade O’Keefe from publishing his report, is heard on video offering a bribe.

Moreover, O’Keefe’s interaction with Thomas Robles, an IRC employee and former executive of the leftist group Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA), brought on even greater concerns. Robles’s hostility toward O’Keefe, including calling him a “domestic terrorist,” demonstrates the facility’s apparent discomfort with public scrutiny of its activities.

The report is especially important in light of the record-breaking number of illegal immigrant crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border under the open-borders regime of the Biden administration. Last month alone, over 276,000 illegal immigrants were reported to have crossed the border, as new records are being set each month.

What is particularly troubling is the lack of transparency in these operations. The IRC, despite its significant funding from taxpayer dollars, seems to operate without sufficient oversight. The facility’s attempt to bribe a journalist for silence is not just an attack on the freedom of the press but also a stark indicator of the potentially dubious nature of their activities.

Moreover, the revelation that illegal immigrants are being transported to airports to fly to various U.S. cities raises questions about the federal government’s role in this process. Are these actions sanctioned, and if so, to what extent? The involvement of sub-contractors like Jet Limousines in these operations further complicates the matter, blurring the lines between private and public responsibilities in managing immigration.