Isreal Notifies UN, Gaza Residents Of Impending Invasion

Israel sent a message to the United Nations late on October 12 that indicates the expected ground invasion of Gaza is just hours from the beginning. In its message to Gaza residents, Israel provided a route of safe passage and indicated the precise location where the invasion would begin, providing non-combatants an opportunity to flee before the Israeli Defense Forces will unleash hell on Hamas. The retaliatory invasion and extermination of Hamas members is anticipated to begin on October 13.

The UN has called on Israel to halt the expected invasion. In a message sent to the Israeli government, the UN begged that the invasion be stopped, claiming the action would turn “a tragedy into a calamitous situation.”

The Israeli order calls for more than 1 million residents of Gaza to evacuate to the south. Early reports coming in on Friday suggest that the IDF has already begun breaching the borders of Gaza as the advanced military hunts terrorists with a clear mandate to exterminate any and all Hamas members encountered. Israel had previously softened the region with air strikes utilizing American-made F-16 fighter-bombers that have caused an estimated 1,500 civilian and combatant deaths. Images of the destruction in Gaza show entire city blocks reduced to rubble.

Hamas came to power in Gaza in 2007 and residents there have made no effort to remove the Iranian-backed terrorist organization from power. Either out of a lack of desire or a belief that there is no victory to be had, the residents of Gaza bear responsibility for allowing the organization to grow. The blood of innocent Israeli residents killed last Saturday is certainly on the hands of the millions of Palestinians that reside in Gaza.

One primary target of the terrorist attack that was launched on the 50-year anniversary of the Yom Kippur War was an outdoor music festival attended by thousands of young people. More than 250 attendees were killed as the surprise attack unfolded and another 750 are still unaccounted for. Images from the scene show wanton violence, execution-style killings, and evidence of rape and torture.

Many of the attendees are among those believed to be held as prisoners by Hamas. The United States has positioned elite special forces groups in the area to function as hostage rescuers if and when the opportunity presents itself. Hamas has sworn to execute the hostages if Israel retaliates.

In what is perhaps one of the most gruesome acts by a terrorist organization ever, around 40 babies were found executed, some with their heads removed. Images showing cradles soaked in blood and infant clothing strewn about the floor only hints at the even more beastly actions the terrorists took to inflict horror on Israeli citizens.

Hamas claims to be fighting for independence from Israel which is viewed as an “occupier.” Israel was created in 1948 in the aftermath of World War II when Great Britain voluntarily gave up territory in the Levant the nation had held since 1917. Before World War I, the region was under the administration of the Ottoman Empire. There has never been a Palestinian state.

There is no chance that at this stage in events Israel will call off its extermination of Hamas and pleas from the UN will do nothing to stop the coming slaughter. UN member nations, who are contractually obligated to support Israel, will need to use diplomacy effectively in dealing with Iran and Saudi Arabia, along with Syria and other Muslim nations, to prevent the conflict in Gaza from becoming a third World War.