Incoming Report On Biden Classified Docs Concerns Campaign

As Joe Biden ramps up for his re-election bid in 2024, his administration faces a new significant hurdle that could threaten his campaign’s viability. New reporting indicates that the ongoing investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents led by Special Counsel Robert Hur has the Biden team worried.

Their concerns stem from a fear that Hur’s report may reveal embarrassing details about how Biden has handled and stored classified documents, and that the report could even include damning photographs. These revelations could undermine Biden’s public image, especially considering the recent discoveries of Obama-era classified documents in Biden’s Delaware garage and a private office he used. The comparison to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago document controversy, where he faces 40 criminal counts, is sure to be drawn by the public, further damaging Biden’s dimming re-election prospects.

Special Counsel Robert Hur, appointed by Trump in 2017 and a former clerk for conservative Chief Justice William Rehnquist, is anticipated to release a detailed report soon. While Biden aides claim they don’t expect criminal charges, the political fallout from the report’s details is a significant concern. Attorney General Merrick Garland has publicly committed to releasing Hur’s report.

The handling of the classified documents has drawn criticism from various quarters, including Anthony Coley, a former senior adviser to Garland. Coley noted that the Biden team’s lack of initial transparency about the documents put Garland in a challenging position, contributing to the need for a special counsel. This situation mirrors the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s emails in 2016, where then-Director James Comey’s public statement about her “extremely careless” security protocols impacted her campaign against Trump.

Biden has attempted to deflect criticism by claiming his classified documents were securely stored, relying on paralleling President Trump’s argument that the Presidential Records Act allows a former president to retain such records. However, this comparison is not legally straightforward, as Biden’s tenure as vice president and senator does not offer protections under that law.

While Biden’s team continues to do its best to present a strong front, it now appears they are apprehensive about the potential political fallout from Hur’s investigation. The only thing we know for certain is that 2024 has many more revelations about the Biden syndicate in store for Americans as the election approaches.