House Homeland Security Chair: Mayorkas Impeachment Articles ‘Absolutely’ Coming

Promises of impeachment of corrupt or completely inept Democrats continue to emanate from the Republican Party. This time it’s House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green (R-TN) pledging that DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will face the music.

Addressing Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Green said the ongoing probe into dereliction of duty by Mayorkas will conclude later this month.

“Three or four hearings” will commence in January followed by editing impeachment articles. These have already been introduced by several GOP lawmakers, and Green pledged that at that point he will introduce the articles on the House floor.

Green was explicit in his reasoning for taking action against the DHS head. He declared Mayorkas is “derelict in his duty, he’s broken the laws of the United States that have passed Congress, he’s lied to Congress. This guy needs to go.”

The Tennessee Republican made an excellent point about the left’s motivation for throwing the border wide open.

He said “it shows their intent is basically to fundamentally change the population of the United States and, I believe, to empower the Democratic Party into perpetuity.”

Late last month Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) withdrew her resolution calling for Mayorkas’ impeachment. She told supporters that she was promised by Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) that the House would “move forward with impeaching Mayorkas.”

The outspoken representative said she was assured that her articles will pass through the Homeland committee. “Once we vote it out of committee, we will take it to the floor.”

Greene did not give a specific date but expressed her belief that it will happen “very soon.”

She acknowledged that House leadership wants the process to play out. But while the wheels are turning there are many Americans who are tired of Republicans waiting to hold Democrats responsible for their misdeeds.

Eight House GOP members joined all Democrats early in November in blocking Greene’s second impeachment effort. She also introduced articles against Mayorkas in May but a vote was never taken.

However, momentum now appears to be clearly on the side of holding the DHS chief responsible for the invasion he allowed to take place under his watch. Millions of illegal migrants and tons of deadly drugs pour across the southern border as the administration turns a blind eye.

Responsibility must finally be taken.