Graham Reiterates Controversial Call For Major Attack On Iran

Even as some on the left express concern that President Joe Biden is poised to fuel tension in the Middle East following a drone strike that left three U.S. service members dead and dozens more injured in Jordan, a handful of Republicans appear to be pushing him in that direction.

Officials believe the militia group behind last month’s attack on the American military outpost was funded by Iran, and U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appeared on Fox News this week in an effort to convince Biden to take forceful action against the country in response.

The South Carolina Republican began by asserting that peace in the Middle East was secured throughout the previous administration because leaders in nations including Iran “were afraid of Donald Trump.”

In order to bring about an end to the threats, provocations and attacks that have become commonplace in recent months, Graham outlined a plan that he said would restore the Trump-era fear among Iranian leaders.

“We killed the head of their Revolutionary Guard, Soleimani,” he said in reference to a mission carried out under Trump. “Biden has yet to hit Iran directly. The Iranians could care less how many Houthis you kill. They could care less about how many Iraqi militia you kill. The only way you will change their behavior is for Joe Biden to hit their oil infrastructure and start killing their soldiers inside Iran.”

The senator stopped short of advocating a full-fledged invasion, though his proposed strategy still went too far for many lawmakers on the same side of the aisle.

“So Mr. President, hit Iran, hit them now and hit them hard to protect Americans in harm’s way,” Graham continued.

He told host Sean Hannity that Iran “will give in when they are afraid of America” and expressed his support for a continued U.S. military presence far and wide across the region.

“Iran is trying to drive us out of the Mideast,” he said. “Mr. President owes it to those in harm’s way to have their back. The reason they are being attacked so often is Iran does not fear you. If you hit Iranian oil infrastructure and hit them where it hurts, they would stop.”