FBI Whistleblower Charges Washington Views Americans As ‘Primary Enemy’

Far from protecting everyday Americans against enemies foreign and domestic, the Biden administration views the rank-and-file as its “primary enemy.” That’s the shocking word from former FBI agent and whistleblower Steve Friend.

He is co-host of the “American Radicals” podcast and a fellow at the Center for Renewing America as well as a powerful voice exposing Washington’s misdeeds.

Friend noted that terrorist sympathizers flooding the streets and even the Capitol get a free pass from the nation’s bureaucracy. Meanwhile, everyone within shouting distance of the Jan. 6 demonstration is being crushed by the weight of federal prosecutors.

Particularly law-abiding Americans.

Posting on X, formerly Twitter, Friend declared “the FBI is wholly focused on targeting political conservatives and Christians for engaging in First Amendment protected activities.”

The former agent described his ex-employer as “an intelligence gathering agency willing and able to inflict violence to deprive of their freedom.”

Friend concluded by equating the FBI to the KGB, the feared Soviet apparatus charged with keeping citizens in line in the totalitarian state. There is little more frightening than considering the power of the U.S. government crashing down on its people.

Friend courageously came forward in May to testify before Congress about bureau retaliation against himself and other agents. Their superiors, he told Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), were infuriated over their expressing concerns on the politicization and weaponization of the FBI.

He testified to the House Subcommittee on Federal Government Weaponization that his retaliation started when he objected to the heavy-handed arrest of a Jan. 6 protester. SWAT descended on the suspect, who was charged with entering a restricted building or grounds.

Friend was of course grilled by committee Democrats but held his ground. “I’ve arrested over 150 violent criminals in my career, I’ve never required a SWAT team to do it.”

The whistleblower said he was far from the only agent within the FBI to follow the Subcommittee’s work. Many, he testified, wanted to learn how he and others in his position would be treated by the government.

Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY) accused Friend of being a “grifter” for accepting a donation from a former Trump administration official. He responded that he was on unpaid suspension and his wife lost his job at Christmas.

Friend added, “Any sort of allegation that I gave up a very lucrative career in order to accept a donation several months later from an individual who I’ve never met in my entire life is quite frankly laughable.”