Epstein Island Documents Exonerate Trump In Blow To Democrats

After the release of the long-awaited documents showing the individuals who visited infamous financier Jeffrey Epstein’s Island, which was a prominent site of human trafficking, former President Donald Trump has officially been exonerated from the issue.

For years, Democrats tried to argue that the business relationship between Trump and Epstein meant that the former president had traveled to the infamous financier’s island. Still, with the recent release of the documents, it turns out Trump never visited the human trafficking site.

The left’s efforts to paint Trump as a pedophile were presumably an attempt to bury evidence showing that former President Bill Clinton had visited the island regularly, according to PJ Media.

The Epstein documents revealed that Clinton had traveled on Epstein’s private plane to the island 27 times. The former Democratic president was described in the documents as a “key person” who had a close relationship with Epstein and the infamous financier’s longtime girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell.

The documents included the testimony of a witness who claimed that Epstein told them that Clinton likes young girls.

Unlike Clinton, Trump’s name rarely appears in the eyebrow-raising documents, thereby exonerating him in the matter.

In Document 286, Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre was asked if she had ever seen Epstein and Trump together on the island.

“No, not that I can actually remember. I mean, not off the top of my head, no,” Giuffre responded.

Giuffre was later asked if Trump had ever “flirted” with her, to which she responded, “He didn’t. That’s what’s inaccurate.”

“Did you ever see Donald Trump at Jeffrey’s home,” an unnamed individual asked Giuffre.
“Not that I can remember,” she responded.

“On his island?” the anonymous individual pressed.

“No, not that I can remember,” Giuffre maintained.

Giuffre pointed out that Trump was never at Epstein’s Island or any of his homes.
On Truth Social, Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., said Democrats are “more upset” with the former president never having attended Epstein’s Island than they are with leftists who did.

“That tells you all you need to know about today’s democrat party & their leaders,” Trump Jr. wrote on the platform.