DeSantis Informs News Moderator ‘We’re Not School Children’

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) emerged as a standout figure in the GOP presidential primary debate held on Wednesday night, when he interjected during a segment moderated by Fox News wherein candidates were being prompted to signal their position on climate change through a show of hands.

The debate became more interesting when Fox News asked a question from a young Republican voter, who asked about how the Republican party would appeal to younger voters and their concern for climate change.

Moderator Martha MacCallum, seeking to extract a direct response, posed the query to the candidates: “Do you believe human behavior is causing climate change? Raise your hand if you do.” DeSantis swiftly took the spotlight, stating, “Look, we’re not schoolchildren. Let’s have the debate. I’m happy to start.”

DeSantis went on to critique the approach, implying that a more thorough explanation was needed. He further delved into the role of corporate media, suggesting its influence on false public perceptions of climate change and the general decline of the United States.

As he continued, another notable moment arose when the conversation pivoted to the effectiveness of “Bidenomics” in fostering a strong economy. “We find ourselves grappling with difficulties,” DeSantis asserted, initiating a broader reflection.

In a thought-provoking stance, he posed a question that appeared to deeply resonate with the audience: “Why are we ensnared in this quagmire?” DeSantis attributed a significant portion of the predicament to the federal government’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

He then firmly asserted that the decision to implement a widespread economic lockdown was a misjudgment, adding, “It should have never happened.” The governor further spoke about Florida’s distinctive approach to the lockdowns, comparing it to the government’s response, which drew a large round of applause.

In contrast to the restricted insights garnered from polls or raised hands, engaging in discussions underscores the active pursuit of trying to find solutions. DeSantis and his commitment to informed and constructive dialogue further emphasizes his dedication to fostering meaningful conversations.