Celebrities, Journalists Angry Over Twitter’s New Checkmark Subscription Fee

Anger has ensued on Twitter since the platform’s system of blue “verified” check marks, given to handpicked users, was modified in favor of a new system open to all users willing to pay a subscription fee.

The new system, called Twitter Blue, came into effect on April 20, 2023, and resulted in users who were verified under the old system, such as celebrities, journalists, and public figures, losing their checkmarks.

Public figures who lost their checkmarks can easily re-acquire them by paying an $8 subscription fee that is now available to all users, but many instead chose to express anger over the loss of their once-meaningful checkmarks.

“So by revoking my blue check mark because I wouldn’t pay some arbitrary fee, someone can just be me and say a bunch of b——-,” singer Alyssa Milano seethed. “Does that mean Twitter and Elon Musk are liable for defamation or identity theft or fraud?”

American comedian Bette Midler criticized Twitter CEO Elon Musk for the subscription program, arguing Musk created it because he doesn’t have enough money.

“Elon, deciding that I’m not me, I’m a fake, & obliging ME, who has contributed mightily to your platform, (at least until you “tweaked the algorithm & tanked my metrics”) to pay monthly because you don’t have enough money & you’re humiliated b/c everyone thinks you’re a pathetic d—–, is the funniest thing you’ve ever done,” said Bette Midler.

“Today proves yet again that you can’t buy class but you can buy a blue check mark,” liberal journalist Dan Rather said.

At the premiere of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” actor Jack Black told Variety he wasn’t sure whether he would pay for Twitter Blue.

“I’m a little embarrassed by the blue check, to be honest with you. I’m gonna call his bluff, see if he really takes my check away,” Black said.

Twitter’s blue check mark was established to protect public figures from impersonation but became a “prize” handed to favored users by Twitter employees under former CEO Jack Dorsey, with many accounts having less than 10,000 followers receiving blue checkmarks.

At the same time, Twitter refused to give checkmarks to popular conservative and anti-establishment accounts, including James O’Keefe and Julian Assange.

According to Breitbart News, Musk’s new paid verification system creates problems, such as pranksters and impersonators paying for blue check marks to appear more authentic.

After receiving criticism over the new verification system, Twitter decided to reinstate blue checkmarks, free of charge, to celebrity users of the platform, including Stephen King, LeBron James, and William Shatner.