CBS Segment Promotes Eating Bugs: ‘Game-Changer’ For Climate Change

“CBS Saturday Morning” played a news clip that implied humans eating bugs for their protein needs would help improve the condition of Earth due to the so-called issue of ‘climate change.’

“We all know how important insects are for the environment, but climate researchers say bugs could be a game changer in the fight to protect the planet in ways you may not have imagined,” show host Dana Jacobson began.

“Adding some insects to the mix is customary in the kitchen in some parts of the world,” said Tina Kraus, a reporter for the network. “Now climate experts think the protein-packed pests could offer a real solution to the global food crisis. Scientists in Germany are not pushing to get the critters your plate, they see another benefit.”

A scientist who offered comment for the segment reportedly claimed that there are no plans to force bugs onto food menus and that the focus is on creating new types of animal feeds. The professional did not address whether or not the livestock consuming this type of food is biologically designed to do so.

“To have a more sustainable production of proteins, we need this and I see insects as a perfect tool,” the scientist asserted. “And you can make so many things out of insects, and to make the world better.”

According to the segment, the “large-scale growth of soybeans” has led to massive levels of deforestation, whereas bugs consume less food and water.

Seemingly comparing the nutritional needs of humans to those of animals such as pigs, cows and sheep, Kraus explained, “It’s estimated up to 1.2 trillion insects are raised on farms each year as companies race to find a high-protein, low-carbon solution to feed animals and the world’s population.”

Trends of encouraging people to eat bugs instead of meat such as beef or chicken have largely picked up steam as of late. As The New York Post reported last month, a writer named Tiffany Leigh penned an essay for Insider in which she boasted of shrinking her monthly grocery bill by hundreds of dollars a month by frequently electing to feed her one-year-old baby bugs instead of beef, chicken, and pork.

Included in her shopping list were, according to her account, Cricket Puff snacks, Cricket Protein Powder and Whole Roasted Crickets.

Just a couple of months back, a leaked video revealed that a teacher in Utah was pushing the agenda of consuming bugs upon her students, so much so that she instructed them to write an essay in which there is just “one right answer,” and that it simply is “Americans should be eating bugs.”

“Everyone in the world is eating them, it’s healthy for the environment and there’s just, there’s only one right answer.”

Upon being asked why students are not permitted to assert their own opinion on the matter and explain why bugs should not be eaten, Cutler insisted that there is zero “evidence to support it” and that humans are “killing the world by raising cows and animals.”