Epic Fail: Venezuela Man Attempts To Rob Ohio Bank Using Translator

Police in Sandusky, Ohio were treated to a first; a Venezuelan man trying to rob a bank by using a translator app on his phone.

The incident occurred on Apr. 4 just before noon when a man walked into a local bank to rob it. Police were notified by bank tellers to report a man trying to get behind the counters.

The bank surveillance footage, obtained by Fox 8, showed a man holding up his phone to the tellers while not saying anything. According to police, the suspect did not speak English and was using a translator app on his phone to tell the bank tellers to “get the money” and to “put the money in the bag” as he held out a white bag.

He left when the tellers did not give in to his demands.

Police were able to apprehend the suspect just a short time later. The man was later identified as Yeixon Brito-Gonzalez, 20, of Venezuela. He was read his rights by an officer who spoke Spanish and spoke with him.

“We have no way to tell if he is here legally or not,” said Sandusky Police Chief Jared Oliver. “But he has no proof of identification.”

He denied robbing the bank, but according to the officer who spoke with him, Brito-Gonzalez lost his job recently and needed money. He told the officer that he went into the bank and asked the tellers to put money inside of his bag, according to Fox 8.

Oliver stated that the bizarre crime was a first for him.

“I have been in law enforcement for over 20 years and this is the first time I encountered something like this, someone using a translator app to try and rob a bank,” Oliver said. “First time our officers have dealt with it too.”

The suspect is facing misdemeanor charges, including attempted robbery, attempted theft and criminal trespassing.

Police suspect that Brito-Gonzalez is an illegal immigrant.
“It has been brought to my attention customs and border control put a hold on him,” Oliver said.
He is currently being held at the Erie County Jail.