Unspeakable: Father Poisons 18-Day-Old Baby Over Child Support

In a horrific display of human cruelty, a Georgia man recently received a 50-year prison sentence for poisoning his newborn daughter’s milk with antifreeze. The reason initially given for his heinous crime was that he was aiming to avoid child support payments.

The couple’s baby, Madison, survived the poisoning attempt. The infant was just 18 days old at the time of the unspeakable incident.

Investigators discovered Jack had started a relationship with a coworker in 2020 who then became pregnant. Despite having a well-paying job at Delta Airlines, Jack pressured the woman to have an abortion.

She gave birth on Sept. 24, 2020, despite Jack’s pressure, but remained hospitalized. During this time, Jack poisoned bottles of breastmilk with antifreeze and delivered them to the baby’s grandmother who unknowingly fed them to Madison.

The baby girl became critically ill within hours. She was rushed to the hospital emergency room where she tested positive for ethylene glycol — an ingredient in antifreeze.

Jack admitted to the crime early on, explaining that he was trying to avoid child support, but he retracted his confession later.

South Fulton Police Sergeant Pserda Dickerson emphasized the emotional impact of the case noting the victim’s tender age and claiming that securing a confession was not the end of the story and that there would still be a fight in court.

He was eventually convicted of first-degree cruelty to children and attempted murder.

This sad story does have a happy ending. Not only was Madison’s father punished for his crimes, but she has made a full recovery and is in good health at the time of this report.