Biden’s Cheat Sheet Exposes Question Leak At Press Conference

Crafty photographers caught Joe Biden this week holding a “cheat sheet” at a joint press conference with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol. The notecard revealed advance knowledge of pre-selected reporters and their questions, further fueling concerns about the president’s mental decline.

Los Angeles Times reporter Courtney Subramanian was identified on the crib note as the journalist to ask the first question. Although her question during the conference was not identical to what was written on the notecard, the content was strikingly similar. The L.A. Times and the White House have yet to explain the coincidence, although the outlet has denied providing questions to the White House in advance.

The 80-year-old commander-in-chief has been the subject of speculation regarding his mental acuity, and instances like these only add to the mounting concerns. In addition, Biden has been caught with cue cards in the past, revealing detailed instructions for his actions during various events. For example, a notecard from a White House event last June instructed him to enter the Roosevelt Room, greet participants, and take his seat.

In another instance, Biden was seen with a list of prepared answers during a news briefing in March 2022 after his controversial comment about Russian President Vladimir Putin raised eyebrows. These cheat sheets have led critics to question whether the White House believes in the president’s cognitive abilities.

Biden’s reliance on predetermined lists of reporters, rather than spontaneously selecting them during press exchanges, has also been criticized. In conjunction with the recent cheat sheet incident, this practice raises questions about the transparency and authenticity of the administration’s interactions with the press.

OutKick founder Clay Travis criticized the White House on Wednesday for trying to “hide Biden” from interviews and press conferences, suggesting they might even refuse a debate with former President Donald Trump if he is the GOP nominee. Travis pointed to Biden’s minimal interviews and lack of formal press conferences as evidence of the administration’s efforts to protect the president.

Travis argued that the Biden White House might be “terrified” of sharing the stage with Trump or other potential Republican nominees. Meanwhile, Trump welcomed Biden’s bid for re-election with a scathing statement, accusing him of causing more damage to the nation than the “five worst presidents in American history” combined and labeling him “the most corrupt president in American history.”

Despite reports from his physician stating that Joe Biden is in good health, questions about his cognitive strength remain unanswered. As the oldest-ever president, Biden’s mental acuity will likely continue to be scrutinized, especially as he seeks the Democratic Party’s nomination for re-election in 2024.