Biden Administration Program Processed 360,000 Illegal Immigrants Into US

Of the millions of illegal immigrants who have taken the southern border by storm since President Joe Biden took office, about 360,000 came by way of a program implemented by the Biden administration.

To reduce the massive figures of illegal immigration occurring in the U.S., the Biden administration released the CBP One program, which allows officials from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to “pre-approve” unlawful migrants pouring across the southern border. This process permitted CBP and Border Patrol to claim illegal border crossings were down.

Even though the southern border is in crisis, with many criminals and terrorists among those crossing illegally into the U.S., the Biden administration is still pre-approving hundreds of thousands of unlawful migrants for entry into America.

The deception of the CBP One program even led Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) fellow Todd Bensman to say that such an “illusion would impress Harry Houdini.”

The Biden administration set the figure for illegal immigrants allowed to enter the U.S. through CBP One at 360,000 and almost that many were able to enter America.

In November 2023, CBP reported that 43,000 illegal immigrants were processed early because of CBP One. The agency added that in 2023, almost 360,000 unlawful migrants were able to schedule appointments at ports of entry using the program. Most of those who used CBP One came from Haiti, Mexico and Venezuela.

Although the CBP claims it consistently watches against “bad actors” entering the U.S., over 75,000 potential security risks were identified crossing the southern border in 2023, indicating that neither the agency nor the president is tackling the illegal immigration crisis effectively.

Under Biden, illegal immigration has reached record highs repeatedly. The president’s refusal to impose border security measures has taken a toll on major cities across the U.S., such as New York City, San Francisco, Detroit and Chicago, all run by Democrats.

Further demonstrating his refusal to secure the southern border, Biden recently decided to water down the vetting process for illegal immigrants coming from China, lowering the questions asked during processing from 40 to five. Such a decision comes after Border Patrol agents were overwhelmed with the ever-increasing number of illegal border crossings.