Best Buy Whistleblower To File Suit Over Firing

A Best Buy whistleblower is striking back with a lawsuit against the company after being fired for exposing discrimination against practicing Christians.

The news came from investigative journalist Jame O’Keefe, who posted details of Enis Sujak’s filing against Best Buy. O’Keefe is the head of the O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) which specializes in uncovering acts that leftists prefer to keep hidden.

The activist just last month published an undercover video of Sujak’s Best Buy manager, Mike Hirsch, asserting that workers supporting LGBT culture are fine.

That same courtesy, however, was not extended to Christian employees.

Sujak was subjected to a Best Buy “wellbeing ambassador,” Athena Cruz, presenting a history of the LGBT community on the job. OMG’s account of the session noted that the Serbian immigrant walked out.

He later asserted that he does not care who another person sleeps with. However, he did not believe that a lifestyle needed to be “preached” to employees in the workplace.

Sujak courageously confronted Hirsch about the indoctrination. He asked why employees could not plaster the work environment with Christian materials the way Best Buy displayed LGBT propaganda.

Hirsch argued that the two are not the same. Christianity is a choice, he claimed, while being a member of the LGBT community is not. “You are choosing to believe in Christianity or Muslim or whatever. You choose that.”

The two reportedly conversed about the issue for an hour and a half. The manager clung to the position that it was appropriate for the workplace to feature “Pride” flags and LGBT materials scattered about but having a Bible or a Quran was not permissible.

Another employee revealed that Best Buy’s alleged discrimination goes further.

The Geek Squad member told OMG that the electronics company does not allow workers to wear Christian crosses while forcing them to sit through LGBT workshops.

Yet another whistleblower recently revealed the company launched a management leadership program that specifically excluded White employees. In a blatant example of discrimination, the website announced the program was only open to Blacks, Hispanics and Asians.

This is part, it claimed, “of Best Buy’s commitment to develop and support our employees who identify as Black, Indigenous or People of Color (BIPOC).