Adams Claims NYC Has ‘Done a Great Job’ With Illegal Alien Crisis

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) recently appeared on ABC’s “GMA3” to try to defend his handling of the massive influx of illegal aliens, where he declared that the city has “done a great job” and the problem “has nothing to do with sanctuary cities.”

During the Thursday interview, the Democrat mayor tried to blame Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) for the problem — claiming that it was because illegal aliens weren’t being spread across the nation. However, Adams never seemed to have a problem with illegal aliens not being “spread” across the country when they were flooding into border towns, instead only becoming outraged over the problem when they enter his “sanctuary city.”

The New York City mayor began the discussion by falsely claiming that these illegal aliens are “here legally.”

“This has nothing to do with sanctuary cities,” Adams claimed. “Migrants and asylum seekers are paroled into the [country]. They’re here legally. And so, when you have a national leader talking about [being a] sanctuary city is the reason we’re having this, it’s telling me she’s not knowledgeable on the real topic. The problem is, when you parole someone into a country, you should have a decompression strategy on a national level to spread it throughout the country and not target just certain cities.”

Adams went on to argue that places like New York City should not be forced to handle the consequences of the border crisis — ignoring the fact that border towns that do not support illegal immigration are forced to deal with much higher numbers of illegal aliens, while pro-open borders cities are only dealing with a fraction of the influx of illegals that they support.

“Cities should not be handling a national crisis of this magnitude,” he claimed. “We’re getting an average — and just think of this number — there are weeks we get 4,000 migrants that come into our city. When you have anywhere from 2,500 to 4,000 coming in a week and you have to find housing, food, shelter, clothing, educating the children, health care, that’s not sustainable. It’s a $12 billion hole in the budget of our economy. It’s going to impact low-income New Yorkers and it’s going to impact every service in this city. And I said it last year, we’re going to start seeing the visualization of this crisis. We’ve done a great job, but we can’t continue to sustain this.”

The Democrat also asserted that Abbott’s actions — busing illegal aliens to “sanctuary cities” to alleviate the burden on border towns and force Democrats to deal with the consequences of their policies — represent “mean-spiritedness.”

“We’ve reached out and tried to coordinate with just the mean-spiritedness of [Gov. Greg Abbott] who has his intentionality of just placing people on buses, compelling them to leave the city,” Adams said.

Adams’ claims that New York City has “done a great job” come as city shelters and resources are so overwhelmed that they were recently forced to house illegal aliens inside a high school due to an impending storm, prompting outrage from the local community as students were barred from attending class.

New York City is also facing problems related to crimes committed by illegal aliens, prompting city officials to consider instituting a curfew for shelters housing illegals similar to the curfews implemented at homeless shelters for New Yorkers.