43-Year-Old Tennis Champion Dies Suddenly After Collapsing On Court

Ryan Vannah, a 43-year-old tennis champion from Nevada, collapsed and ultimately passed away on the court during a match at Red Rock Country Club.

Vannah was pronounced dead on January 29 at Summerlin Hospital.

“He took impeccable care of his health,” said Tami Vannah Kang, the deceased man’s sister. “We did not see this coming.”

The tennis champion reportedly “dropped to a knee” during the tiebreaker mixed doubles match before placing his hands on the court and laying down. One of the people who tried to revive him on the court was his sister-in-law, Dr. Catherine Vannah.

Despite doctors’ best efforts to save Vannah, they were unable to restart his heart after he collapsed.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, the coroner’s office has not yet revealed a cause of death — through medical staff at Summerlin Hospital said they believed Vannah was on the wrong medication for his blood pressure.

Meanwhile, Vannah was a lifelong tennis player — winning the United States Tennis Association championships in doubles for the last two years.

His sudden death comes amid concerning reports of numerous instances in which young, apparently healthy athletes and non-athletes have had strokes, heart attacks, and other similar medical emergencies in recent years, with many losing their lives.

Critics, including medical professionals, have linked these issues to vaccine side effects such as myocarditis — which is an inflammation of the heart muscle.
Despite the rise in these incidents, some medical professionals have argued against the theory, calling it a “hoax.”

Florida Surgeon General Joe Ladapo was one of these critics, speaking out about an analysis in 2022 that points to a high incidence of cardiac-related deaths among young men who had received the vaccine. Twitter attempted to suppress the information, initially blocking a post from Ladapo about the issue before eventually restoring it.

Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin was one of the many athletes who critics have argued suffered from a vaccine-related medical emergency. On January 2, Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest after tackling Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins.