Wisconsin GOP Lawmakers Seek Cleanup For Voter Rolls

A recently-released bill is demanding the removal of ineligible “inactive” voters from Wisconsin’s official voters’ registration list.

If the bill, introduced by Sen. Andre Jacque (R-) and Rep. Ty Bodden (R-), is successful, the Wisconsin Election Commission will be forced to clear the approximate 3.6 million extra ineligible “inactive” non-registered voter names in “My Vote W1” of the WisVote database.

Voter names that are tagged “inactive” in My Vote W1 are on the voter rolls but not on the poll books for elections. Voters should be rendered inactive due to death, relocation, fraudulent citizenship or inactivity through the state’s “voter maintenance record” law. This can also happen when a voter is registered in another state, is declared incompetent or becomes a convicted felon.

Now, the database has ineligible and inactive voters mixed with the eligible active ones, with the WEC refusing to purge the former from the list.

The state’s voter rolls have raised questions of potential fraud and a compromised system. With LRB-0760/1, those fears can finally be quelled.

Jacque and Bodden are seeking support from fellow lawmakers. So far, 15 more Republicans have joined from the House, including Rep. Dave Murphy (R-WI), Rep. Nik Rettinger (R-WI) and Rep. Robert Donovan (R-WI).

Other representatives who have co-sponsored the bill are Rep. Elijah Behnke (R-WI), Rep. Rick Gundrum(R-WI), Rep. Amy Binsfield (R-WI), Rep. Joel Kitchens (R-WI), Rep. David Armstrong (R-WI), Rep. Paul Tittl (R-WI), Rep. Chuck Wichgers (R-WI), Rep. Ron Tusler (R-WI), Rep. William Penterman (R-WI), Rep. Janel Brandtjen (R-WI), Rep. Jon Plumer (R-WI) and Rep. Jeffrey Mursau (R-WI).

The bill also has the support of three other Republican Senators — Sen. Howard Marklein (R-WI), Sen. Romaine Quinn (R-WI) and Sen. Mary Felzkowski (R-WI).

GOP lawmakers have been at the forefront of calling WEC to order regarding its practices and the maintenance of the voter’s lists.

Jacque and Brandtjen also led efforts in September last year to demand that the WEC remove voters who have been declared incompetent from WisVote.

The update of voter rolls was necessary as they said that they do not want citizens under guardianship to be “taken advantage of by easily being persuaded into voting for specific candidates.”