RFK Jr. Promises To Demilitarize Government On Day One

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a surging Democratic candidate challenging Joe Biden for his party’s 2024 nomination, has vowed to defuse the dangerous trend of bureaucratic weaponization if he is elected president. Kennedy expressed this commitment during a “Hannity” town hall aired Tuesday evening, stating that his first act in the White House would be to sign an executive order to dismantle this alleged practice.

Kennedy has taken a firm stance against the so-called weaponization of government agencies for political motives, which he believes has reached an all-time high under the current administration. He shared his plan with Hannity, agreeing that this trend has potential repercussions for both political parties, stressing the need for its eradication.

His commitment was underscored by the apparent disparities in how President Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been treated by law enforcement. Hannity highlighted the noticeable discrepancy in handling classified information: Trump was indicted on 37 charges for mishandling classified documents, while Biden, who also had access to such information, has remained unaffected by similar allegations.

Furthermore, Kennedy spoke out against the health agencies’ endorsement of lockdown policies during the COVID-19 pandemic, arguing that it violated orthodox protocols. He claimed that the established agencies, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), acted contrary to their protocol by promoting lockdowns.

He referred to the arguments put forth by the credited eradicator of smallpox, D.A. Henderson, who stressed that lockdowns are not effective against respiratory viruses. Kennedy voiced concerns that shutting down businesses causes indirect harm and fatalities due to increased unemployment rates, stressing that the standard practice should involve quarantining the sick and protecting the vulnerable.

Kennedy also expressed his apprehension about the influence of the FBI in potentially swaying the scales of an election, referencing their communication to big tech companies that Hunter Biden’s laptop story was misinformation. This claim arose amid discussions about the New York Post’s laptop story involving Hunter Biden.

Kennedy’s grievances go beyond the immediate present. He also expressed his long-standing suspicions about the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) alleged involvement in his father and uncle’s assassinations. Kennedy called for increased transparency and the release of classified documents related to the assassinations, which both Trump and Biden pledged but failed to deliver on fully.

RFK Jr.’s pledge to end the weaponization of governmental agencies and his call for greater transparency reflects his commitment to a more balanced and accountable government. As the presidential race heats up, his promises resonate with those Americans longing for a government that prioritizes justice over politics.

His campaign’s focus on ending the weaponization of governmental agencies, reviving the economy from lockdowns and shedding light on hidden governmental activities marks a significant shift from standard Democratic Party talking points. Whether his promises will translate to votes in the Democratic primaries remains to be seen. Still, his candid approach brings fresh air to the political arena for many.