Former FBI Agent Blasts Justification For Wasteful Spending Bill

Former FBI agent turned whistleblower and conservative podcaster Steve Friend sharply criticized Republicans attempting to justify the bloated spending bill passed last week by the House and Senate.

Friend infamously revealed the startling depth of FBI’s interference and corruption in its investigation of the Jan. 6 demonstrations. He roundly blasted Rep. Max Miller’s (R-OH) feeble effort to paint his vote for the spending package as good for the country.

The former FBI agent accused GOP supporters of the $1.2 trillion boondoggle of “transparent cowardice.” Their actions added to the outrageous and growing $34.6 trillion national debt.

Miller rationalized his vote by saying the package “wasn’t perfect but it was better than the alternative.” The lesser of two evils, as it were. But Friend asserted that courageous GOP lawmakers could have weathered a government shutdown and gained concessions from liberal Democrats.

He declared that Republicans could have held out for a much stronger bill that protected American interests instead of sinking the nation deeper in debt.

The American people trusted the GOP with the House majority, Friend said, to end Biden’s border invasion and stop the weaponized FBI. But this will not be realized as Republicans caved and chose to enable wasteful leftists to continue to damage the country.

It is noteworthy that 112 House GOP members cast “no” votes for the spending package.

But the Republican Party controls the chamber and thus could have stopped the Biden measure dead in its tracks. But it didn’t, and yet more wasteful government outlays are assured.

A day of reckoning is coming for a country that spends $1 trillion annually just to serve the interest on the national debt. This is not sustainable, and the Republic cannot withstand more extravagant Washington budgets piled on top of what is already a crisis.

If this runaway budget is not handled, and soon, it is impossible to see the nation staying solvent. Everything from national defense to Social Security will be affected, and lawmakers will have no one to blame but themselves.

Friend was right. A partial government shutdown to restore even a small measure of fiscal sanity is a small price to pay.