Florida Parents Winning War Over Inappropriate Books In Schools

As school leaders continue to insert inappropriate books into libraries and the curriculum, concerned parents are left with no choice but to fight back. And they are forced to do so by exposing the insidious nature of what is contained in the materials aimed at their young children.

In a report from the Post Millennial, the battle waged against adult materials in schools by determined parents is detailed. The focus is on the Indian River School Board in Vero Beach, Florida.

As the outlet correctly noted, providing adult materials to children is a crime. Yet these gatekeepers insist on calling parents’ actions “book banning,” and their leftist media allies only repeat the charge.

On Aug. 28, more than 50 community members patiently waited to address the board. Part of the drive to protest inappropriate books came from strong support by Moms for Liberty.

Most were armed with graphic excerpts from these adult-themed materials to demonstrate the appalling nature of what is being promoted to children. Amazingly, most of these same books had been previously challenged, meaning it was not the first time the offensive material was read aloud.

Board Chair Peggy Jones repeatedly warned parents against reading excerpts deemed inappropriate or obscene.

Pastor John K. Amanchukwu Sr. was forcely cut off by Jones from reading an excerpt from “13 Reasons Why” by Jay Asher. It was clearly not suitable for children to consume.

The irony is obvious. How may materials not suitable to be read before adults at a school board meeting be allowed in libraries for children as young as 10?

In May, Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed HB 1069. This guaranteed parents have the right to read aloud “from any material that is subject to an objection” at school board meetings.

And if that right is denied due to being “harmful to minors,” the school district is forced to pull the book from its institutions.

Victory was won by the concerned parents. After the extended meeting, the flustered board unanimously passed a motion to “have the books removed that were read — which either had to be stopped or given a warning — to be removed immediately.”

The offensive materials were to be checked to ensure that passages read by parents were indeed from the books.

This aligned with the new state law and clearly demonstrated the power it provided to parents intent on protecting their young children. Not one person at the meeting suggested that these materials should not be available to adults.

But all agreed developing children should not be exposed to harmful subject matter.