California Shells Out Millions For Prisoners’ Gender Surgeries

In its mad rush to be the most left-wing and ridiculous state in the Union, California has spent over $4 million on gender transition surgeries and cosmetic procedures — some for death row inmates.

The Washington Free Beacon revealed the expenditures that have been ongoing since 2017. The Golden State became the first to offer gender transition surgeries for prisoners at taxpayer expense, and thus far 157 inmates have taken advantage of the program.

Four of those prisoners are incarcerated on death row.

The outlet cited documents that revealed a whopping $2.5 million was paid for 35 male wards of the state to undergo vaginoplasties. Eleven inmates received breast implants at a cost to Californians of over $180,000.

Another two convicted criminals underwent facial feminization surgeries at a staggering cost of $184,141. Laser hair removal services were granted to 69 male inmates with a price tag of $224,000.

On the female side, 40 inmates had their breasts removed at a cost of over $1 million.

California saw an explosion of inmates self-identifying as transgender in the last decade. That total skyrocketed from 131 in 2014 to 1,847 last month. With the state’s “Integrated Gender Affirming Healthcare Program,” look for that figure to rise even more.

Currently the state has $2.187 million earmarked for the next fiscal year for gender transitioning for its inmates. As of the summer of 2023, over 1,000 state prisoners submitted paperwork for trangender “medical care.”

The state is already on the hook this year to hire two more full-time psychiatrists to work with the transgender inmate population. It will additionally hire a physician, a part-time surgeon and two social workers.

And California officials admit there is no upper limit to the number or cost of surgeries and treatments that may be requested by inmates. The current mess has the fingerprints of George Soros firmly planted on it.

The state settled with male inmate Shiloh Quine in 2016 over his freedom to be recognized as transgender and receive “treatments.” His case was brought against California by the Transgender Law Center, another radical leftist outfit bankrolled by Soros.

Harmeet Dhillon, the Republican National Committee chairwoman and a California attorney weighed in on the controversy.

She agreed that those who think they are transgender have rights and should be afforded respect. However, “it doesn’t include taxpayer dollars being used to do surgeries that are experimental at best and scientifically unjustified at worst.”