NATO Considers Sending More Military Advisers To Ukraine Amid Russian Gains

The United States and NATO are weighing the deployment of additional military advisers to its embassy in Kyiv as Russia appears to be gaining ground in the two-year conflict in Ukraine. The advisers would serve in a non-combat role focusing on advising and supporting the Ukrainian government and military.

Pentagon spokesperson Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder confirmed that the Department of Defense is considering sending several more advisers to augment the Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) at the embassy. The ODC performs various advisory and support missions but is staffed exclusively by DOD personnel under the authority of the Chief of Mission.

The additional troops would support logistics and oversight efforts for U.S. weapons shipments to Ukraine and assist with weapons maintenance according to four U.S. officials and a person familiar with the plans. The exact number of troops to be sent was not clear but could be up to 60.

The move comes as the House passed billions in military aid for Ukraine after months of stalled assistance due to former President Donald Trump’s skepticism. President Joe Biden has vowed U.S. troops wouldn’t participate in the war directly to avoid a confrontation with Russian forces.

The advisers will help Ukrainians plan sustainment of complex U.S.-donated equipment as summer fighting is expected to intensify. They will also coordinate new weapons shipments once the current supplemental bill in Congress becomes law allowing more aid to flow to Ukrainian front lines.