Biden’s Executive Order To Regulate AI Protects Cronyism

President Joe Biden issued an executive order on October 30 to establish safeguards and protocols for the use of artificial intelligence. AI is viewed as the “new wild west,” an industry that is evolving far more rapidly than lawmakers can control.

The technology offers the promise of lower-priced goods, more education opportunities, and a new way to develop life-saving medications and analyze complex data quickly. AI could also be the beginning of the end of civilization.

The executive order makes an effort to establish some guidelines by setting out priorities such as preventing workforce disruptions and restricting the use of AI for biological engineering efforts. It also should be concerning to anyone who believes in individual freedoms.

Among the priorities the order sets are “civil rights and equity,” token terms that effectively amount to a progressive agenda being codified into law. Another section details the enforcement of “misinformation,” a tool that could easily be used to suppress right-leaning opinions and silence discussion on topics unpopular to liberals.

While the order is a clear threat to freedom, it also establishes cronyism in the regulation and development of AI because the effort to establish regulations for the industry has been spearheaded by the industry itself. In doing so, the companies driving AI development are carving out rules that benefit them while creating obstacles for start-ups that will occupy market space.

A recent report revealed that dozens of influential aides to legislative offices in the Federal government are paid for by tech companies developing AI. These aides work on the most powerful committees tasked with crafting regulations on the very technology that pays their salaries. Led by nonprofit organization Open Philanthropy through its proxy organizations, they have placed “fellows” in government offices in what is an ethically-charged situation that is also perfectly legal.

Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow has been at the forefront of reporting on the tech companies’ infiltration of the Biden administration. In a recent article, Marlow exposes the role that Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz has in funding Open Philanthropy and the Horizon Institute for Public Service.

Moskovitz is also a major donor to ChatGPT parent OpenAI. The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, is an inverter in Moskovitz’s company, Asana. Altman has said that the U.S. should work with China to “break capitalism.” He has publicly acknowledged that his AI technology will “simply make jobs go away.”

Whether artificial intelligence ushers in a new golden age of discovery and advancement or it heralds the end of times is impossible to predict, but the genie is out of the bottle. Allowing the very individuals who stand to profit from the rampant use of AI technology to craft their own regulations can only end in one result: more corruption and greed by the Federal government at the expense of taxpayers.