Biden Campaign’s Endorsement Wish List Includes Taylor Swift

The 2024 presidential campaign is already heating up, and the Biden administration is making plans to land key endorsements. Of many potential influencers and celebrities they hope to woo, Taylor Swift is at the top of the Biden campaign’s wish list.

Former President Donald Trump is charging ahead with his campaign and seems likely to win the Republican nomination this year. As a result, the Biden campaign is focusing almost exclusively on defeating the former president, and they’re using celebrity endorsements as one key part of that strategy.

Many news outlets have already noted how the Biden reelection campaign is working mostly behind the scenes, with Biden only making rare appearances. Oftentimes, these appearances are not even open to the general public, but rather to key Democrat donors and politicians.

However, they’re trying to liven things up by getting celebrities, social media influencers and other politicians to endorse Biden. The Biden campaign has already started meeting with influencers, trying to entice them into putting out political messaging in support of Biden. There are also talks of getting Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to hold a fundraiser for Biden’s campaign.

But out of all of these celebrities, Taylor Swift remains the campaign’s holy grail. She endorsed Biden in 2020 and has only increased her celebrity status in the years since, with 280 million Instagram followers.

If she campaigns or fundraises for him, it could potentially lead to thousands of votes or millions of dollars in fundraising, which would provide an ample boost to Biden’s reelection push.

This increased focus on celebrities and influencers may be a slight pivot from Biden’s previous campaign strategy. In discussing the 2020 campaign, Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) said, “Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) emphasized the importance of convincing people to “vote for Biden” in the potential matchup, rather than relying on what he claims motivated voters in 2020: “voting against Trump.”

While the Biden campaign is still heavily focused on anti-Trump messaging, they’re trying to also highlight Biden’s accomplishments. But recent Gallup polls show Biden facing the second worst job approval rating in history during a presidential third year.

Biden’s unpopularity will be a difficult obstacle to overcome in his election campaign, and it’s unclear whether even Taylor Swift can save him.