New Poll Shows Trump Beats Michelle Obama In Election Matchup

Former First Lady Michelle Obama would lose to former President Donald Trump by the same margin as President Joe Biden, according to a recent poll out this weekend by London research and insights firm J. L. Partners and The Daily Mail.

The 45th president, reality television star and New York City real estate mogul bested Obama 47% to 44% in the survey. She did slightly better than Biden in the same poll, who lost to Trump by a margin of 46% to 43%.

Several liberal commentators left angry responses on the Daily Mail’s post of the news report for the survey to X, formerly Twitter.

“Hate Mail, this is exceptionally desperate even for you,” one upset X user wrote. Another said, “Michelle Obama, who has never run for political office in her life and has said she hated living in the White House.” Meanwhile, a disgruntled liberal posted a slanderous and entirely irrelevant reply, “Trump has beaten women. Ask Ivanka.”

The notion that Michelle Obama might suddenly sweep in and save the Democrats from running Biden against Trump again in 2024 “won’t die” the Daily Mail said. “Perhaps until now,” the Mail joked, reporting the election would not fare well for former President Barack Obama’s wife.

“Some have been touting an emergency parachute for Biden for some time: draft Michelle Obama,” said James Johnson, cofounder of J.L. Partners. “It was never very realistic, but this poll puts paid to the idea she can be any kind of saving force for the Democrats.”

Last year, while filming her Netflix special, Mrs. Obama said, “You’ve got to want it. It’s got to be in your soul because it is so important. It’s not in my soul.”

She told The National in 2019 that there was “zero chance” she would run for president, saying she would never be “sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office.”

Podcast king Joe Rogan started the Michelle Obama rumors in 2021 when he said, “She’s intelligent, she’s articulate, she’s the wife of the best president that we have had in our lifetime in terms of like, a representative of intelligent, articulate people. She could win.”