MSNBC Cuts Trump Speech To Feature Rachel Maddow’s Rant

During MSNBC’s live coverage of Super Tuesday, notoriously left-wing host Rachel Maddow pulled the camera away from Donald Trump’s victory speech to rant about how it is “irresponsible” to give airtime to his “lies.”

The outlet’s show was interrupted on the night of March 5 to broadcast Trump’s remarks on his sweeping victory during key primary elections across the country. The former president emerged ahead of opponent Nikki Haley in every state except Vermont, leading the former South Carolina governor to suspend her campaign and leave the GOP nomination to Trump.

Less than 20 seconds into the speech, Maddow interrupted the coverage and began criticizing the network’s decision to air the words of the almost guaranteed 2024 Republican presidential nominee. She expressed that this decision is one that “we revisit constantly” due to the need to find “the balance between” letting Trump “lie” on the network’s broadcast.

Maddow repeatedly accused Trump of lying and her own employer of being “irresponsible” for allowing his speech to be aired.

A fellow MSNBC host, Stephanie Ruhle, joined Maddow’s complaints by specifically criticizing Trump’s claims that the American economy is in bad shape. She then pointed out that they should “fact-check” him.

Throughout the rest of the show’s segment, the hosts continued to blast Trump and his perceived failures while in the White House during his first term and praised Democrats for their actions. Joy Reid chimed in with a rant against the former president’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She argued that Trump “had one job” during the chaotic international health crisis, which he “failed” at. Ruhle added that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was the one to thank for supporting those in need during the pandemic, saying she was the one behind the infamous stimulus checks.

The Super Tuesday primary elections proved that Trump is the favored Republican candidate while President Joe Biden is widely supported among Democratic candidates. The results have indicated a probable rematch between the two candidates, sparking ongoing debate and discussion before the highly anticipated presidential election in Nov. 2024.