MMA Fighter Blasts Bud Light For Woke Propaganda

In his latest rant against left-wing ideologies, a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter blasted Bud Light for its infamous engagement in woke propaganda.

Sean Strickland, an American middleweight fighter and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star competitor, took to social media the other day to publicly criticize Bud Light for its widely scrutinized involvement in promoting gender ideology. The beer brand is one of UFC’s sponsors.

On Monday March 4, Strickland posted his latest rant on X, targeting the company after it partnered with the controversial advocate for gender ideology, Dylan Mulvaney—a biological male who presents himself as female.

The fighter wrote that he was “so sick” of the businesses that endorsed radical gender ideology, including Bud Light. He described himself as “the definition of America” but noted that he is presented as “the bad guy” due to his belief “in two genders.”

Strickland further stated that he is part of “the majority” of Americans, indicating most citizens are opposed to the rising endorsement of gender ideology by major brands and corporations.

He threw an additional wrench at Bud Light, saying that the company “force feed[s] your kids f— pride flags” and defending himself for his desire to “fight back a little.”

But this is not the first time Strickland has openly criticized his organization’s sponsor. In Oct. 2023, after UFC announced a years-long partnership with Bud Light, the fighter posted on X multiple statements expressing his determination to “fix” the woke company and defending biological women.

His comments came months after Mulvaney partnered with Bud Light in April 2023. The beer brand’s sponsorship of UFC became effective on Jan. 1, 2024.

Weeks after the partnership began, Strickland made headlines for blasting a Canadian reporter’s questions about his views on gender ideology. During the heated exchange, the fighter called the reporter “an infection” that helps spread left-wing agendas.

When asked about UFC’s partnership with Bud Light, Strickland noted that considering oneself to “be trans” a decade ago was classified as a mental illness, but is now accepted as commonplace. He placed the blame on the reporter and “people like you” for exercising “weakness” and promoting things like transgenderism.

Bud Light has suffered major losses in profit and stock since its decision to partner with Mulvaney. In June 2023, the company lost its status as America’s top-selling beer, having been replaced by Modelo Especial.