Identity Crisis To Legal Battle In The Lady’s Room

In Portland, Oregon, Cassie McIntyre, 40, was recently found guilty of a bias crime in the second degree after unintentionally misgendering a patron in the women’s bathroom of a local Portland establishment.

Riis Larsen, formerly known as Ronald Larsen, 35, is a left-wing activist who claims to presently identify as a female. Larsen accused McIntyre of misgendering and a physical attack in the women’s facility after McIntyre overheard a group of visibly upset women complaining that Larsen had cut in front of them to use the single stall in the women’s room, pushing women down in the process of getting there.

In court, Larsen testified to being backed into a corner by McIntyre and called a “biological man” and told to use the men’s facilities. Larsen testified to beginning an explanation of gender identity but McIntyre not only refused the explanation but ordered Larsen out of the establishment, where McIntyre worked as a bartender — he was off the clock at the time of the encounter.

When this matter was taken to court, McIntyre did not deny the chain of events described by Larsen, but rather stated that it was not her intention to “misgender” Larsen, stating that she had no idea what gender dysphoria was and that she had to later “look it up in the dictionary.”

However, witnesses claimed that McIntyre made no effort to use Larsen’s preferred pronouns, reportedly stating that Larsen “should not be allowed to use the women’s room.”

Charlie Weiss was assigned as the prosecutor for the case on behalf of Multnomah county. He stated in court that Larsen “is scrutinized in a different way than most of us in our day-to-day lives are scrutinized. People sometimes express disagreement not with what she says, or what she does, but who she is.”

McIntyre offered an apology to Larsen, agreeing to no longer attend the local bar where the conflict occurred and reassuring Larsen it would be a “safe place.”

It has also been reported that Portland prosecutors, many of whom are funded by George Soros — including Larsen’s lawyer — file more hate-crime reports than any other district in the state of Oregon.