Diddy’s Ex-Bodyguard Claims Depraved Parties Had ‘Politicians,’ ‘Princes,’ ‘Preachers’

Gene Deal, a former bodyguard of rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs, has come forward with a claim that the music star’s infamous parties were attended by ‘politicians,’ ‘princes,’ and ‘preachers’ and that there may very well be video and audio recordings that show them engaging in scandalous illicit activities.

Deal made the remarks on the Art of Dialogue podcast and said that if music producer Rodney “Lil’ Rod” Jones’ sworn affidavit is true, then every room was taped and bugged and government agents likely have the recordings of the salacious adult activities.

Rodney Jones, who was formerly employed by Combs, is suing the wealthy rapper for allegedly attacking him and forcing him to perform adult acts in front of him while he was living with him over a long-term stay. He also accuses Combs of drugging him during a party in Feb. 2023.

If the recordings do exist, there is no doubt that many well-known and prominent figures have good reason to fear.

When asked why Combs and others potentially involved have remained quiet on the matter, Deal responded, “Either they took part in some of the stuff that happened, or they’re scared that it may mess up their brand.”

The rapper is already facing numerous civil lawsuits that accuse him of trafficking people for adult purposes and for living a hedonistic lifestyle that involved inappropriate activities with minors, drugs, and attacks. Just last week, Combs’ mansions were raided in Los Angeles and Miami by federal agents with Homeland Security. They reportedly seized computers and other unspecified electronic devices.

The flurry of accusations matched with government raids echoes the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, which broke the illicit secret activities of the rich and famous wide open for all to see. With accusations of many more notable and influential people involved in Combs’ parties, public awareness of the corrupt lifestyles of the elite is reaching new levels with hopes that the truth will finally come to light and the guilty be exposed.

As for Combs, he denies all allegations and is communicating through his attorney, Aaron Dyer, who said in a statement that the rapper “never detained, but spoke to and cooperated with authorities.” Combs has been spotted in Miami with his family, seemingly living life as normal while his world is set on fire around him.