CNN Refused To Air Laken Riley Ad Blaming Biden For Her Death

Network giant CNN is as liberal as they come, refusing to paint President Joe Biden in a negative light. This time, the progressive network refused to air a commercial placing blame on the president for Laken Riley’s untimely death.

Created by the group Building America’s Future, the commercial was meant to show how Biden’s policies are leading to innocent Americans being slaughtered by the illegal immigrants he allows to infiltrate the country.

“Laken Riley should have been able to go on a run in broad daylight without being murdered by an illegal immigrant. But Joe Biden promised not to deport illegal immigrants,” the ad states.

Riley’s death caught the nation’s attention, showing that no American is safe as long as illegals are allowed to stay in the country. Riley was a 22-year-old nursing student attending Augusta University. She was brutally murdered while out jogging by Jose Antonio Ibarra, a 26-year-old illegal immigrant from Venezuela, who was allowed to stay in the country.

Ibarra also had ties to Tren de Arauga, a deadly Venezuelan gang.

“Ibarra went to Georgia where he beat Laken Riley to death,” the ad concludes. “How many more killers has Biden set free?”

The ad ran Thursday night during the State of the Union address across the nation, particularly in swing states. According to Guy Benson, Fox News, MSNBC and Newsmax all agreed to run the ad, which cost $700,000. CNN, however, refused to smear Biden’s name.

Political strategist Phil Cox called out the network for protecting Biden after his immigration policies contributed to Riley’s death.

“CNN and Joe Biden are in lockstep once again: they won’t even #SayHerName,” said Cox.

“It is shameful that CNN is censoring the truth and trying to protect President Biden by refusing to air this ad. The American people understand that Biden’s open borders agenda is responsible for the death of Laken Riley. Building America’s Future won’t be deterred when it comes to the important work of informing the public on how we are all less safe in Joe Biden’s America.”

Biden blundered Riley’s name during his address after being heckled by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), referring to her as “Lincoln” instead of Laken. Even worse, after referring to her killer as an “illegal,” he backtracked and apologized for using the term, stating he should have used “undocumented.”

CNN’s choice to not air the ad might affect their ratings in the future. As time goes on, the network is becoming less credible.