CBS Accused Of Discriminating Against White Scriptwriter

Network giant CBS has been accused of racial discrimination, but not in the way most would expect. A scriptwriter was discriminated against not for being a minority but for being a white heterosexual male.

Brian Beneker, a freelance scriptwriter and script coordinator for CBS’ “SEAL Team,” was denied a full-time position because he was considered to be having what the liberal media would categorize as “White privilege.”

According to the lawsuit, Beneker wrote the Season 3 finale, “No Choice in Duty,” as a freelancer and was told that he was “next in line for a staff writer position.” When Season 4 started, Beneker was told that there was not a position available for him. Instead, a female writer’s assistant got the job, even though she had no prior script writing credentials.

She received the staff writer’s job that Beneker was told he had during Season 5.
Once again, Beneker co-wrote another script, just to be turned down for a full-time position. Despite the network liking his scripts, they hired two new female writers, one Black and the other a self-described lesbian.

“Defendants have implemented an illegal policy of race and sex ‘balancing’ in the SEAL Team writer’s room,” court papers said.

“This balancing policy has created a situation where heterosexual, white men need ‘extra’ qualifications (including military experience or previous writing credits) to be hired as staff writers when compared to their nonwhite, LGBTQ, or female peers, who require no such ‘extra’ qualifications,” the suit added.

Beneker is being represented by America First Legal, a conservative nonprofit founded by Stephen Miller, a former Trump White House policy aide.

The nonprofit wrote about the lawsuit Thursday on X, stating that CBS was “allegedly engaging in blatant anti-white discrimination.”

They also cited the fact that CBS admitted to changing their requirements to have 50% of their writers be Black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) in the 2022-2023 season of TV and requiring that 50% of cast members on their reality shows had to be BIPOC.

As a result, Beneker is suing for $500,000 in lost wages for back pay and future back pay. He also would like CBS to end its discriminatory practices, according to The Wrap.