Biden Education Department Chooses ‘Trans’ Athletes Over Women

While Republican-led states pass laws to protect female athletes, the Biden administration has decided to go in the opposite direction — with the Department of Education announcing proposed changes to Title IX, the civil rights law that prevents gender-based discrimination in public education and prevents government-funded institutions from denying women the same opportunities as men.

The proposed rule change will ban schools and colleges that receive federal funding from imposing a “one-size-fits-all” policy that forces male students to compete on male sports teams and female students to compete on female sports teams.

“One-size-fits-all policies that categorically ban transgender students from participating in athletics consistent with their gender identity across all sports, age groups, and levels of competition would not satisfy the proposed regulation,” the fact sheet released by the Department of Education declares. “Such bans fail to account for differences among students across grade and education levels. They also fail to account for different levels of competition — including no-cut teams that let all students participate — and different types of sports.”

The Biden administration’s proposed rule change also states that public schools must consider “fairness in competition” and preventing “sports-related injury” when writing policies that focus on sports teams.

While the radical left is still not happy with the rule change because it does not fully guarantee that so-called “transgender” athletes can force themselves onto teams that align with their “gender identity,” parents’ rights groups and other critics have denounced the policy proposal altogether.

“The Biden Administration is trying to have their cake and eat it too: inject gender identity into athletics while placing the onus upon school districts to determine whether doing so would be problematic or not,” said Nicole Neily, president of the parental rights’ group Parents Defending Education. “Without a doubt, institutions are going to err on the side of ‘inclusion,’ because they fear the wrath of the Education Department – thus, achieving the Department’s end goal while maintaining plausible deniability that they coerced districts into doing so.”

Speaking with Fox News Digital, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) also condemned the decision — pointing out that women and girls have fought for their rights, and to change Title IX would be to erase that progress.

“As a woman who has made history breaking glass ceilings, we must protect women. Women and girls have fought tirelessly for their rightful place in sports, and Title IX has been a crucial tool in leveling the playing field,” Mace said.

Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) vowed to fight the Biden administration on the issue, calling it an “insane injustice.”

“Under Joe Biden’s new Title IX rule, schools must allow biological males to compete in women’s sports in order to receive federal funding. This insane injustice cannot stand. Mark my words: I will fight this woke nonsense through the appropriations process,” he wrote.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R), who issued an executive order in 2021 banning males from competing in female sports, promised to take the Biden administration to court to protect the rights of female athletes.

“South Dakota will not allow this to stand. We will lead. We will defend our laws. Only girls will play girls’ sports. President Biden, we’ll see you in Court,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Fox News host Tucker Carlson discussed the issue of transgenderism in a recent segment — asserting that transgenderism has become “America’s fastest-growing religion,” which is why the Biden administration and other Democrats have become so obsessed with supporting so-called “transgender” people over the rest of America.