Rachel Dolezal Fired From Teaching After OnlyFans Account Found

Notorious race fraudster Rachel Dolezal recently lost her job as an after-school teacher at an Arizona elementary school in Catalina Foothills School District after her employers discovered she had maintained an account on OnlyFans, a platform for distributing lewd selfies and videos to paying subscribers.

The former National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People (NAACP) chapter president is famous for being born White and claiming to be Black after changing her appearance with spray tans and makeup to match her fabricated racial identity. Dolezal is embroiled in scandal again after her employers found an OnlyFans account.

Julie Farbarik, the Arizona school district’s director of alumni & community relations, told CNN affiliate KVOA that the page on the lewd web platform is “contrary to our district’s ‘Use of Social Media by District Employees’ policy and our staff ethics policy.” Farbarik confirmed to the affiliate that the district had terminated Dolezal.

The school let Dolezal go this week after school administrators discovered Dolezal had an account on the adult content platform. “Welcome to my OnlyFans page, where I post creative content and give fans a more intimate look into my life,” says the social media page belonging to Dolezal, on which she sold fitness tips and lewd pictures of her body.

Dolezal launched the page in Sept. 2021 with a $9.99-a-month subscription fee.

“Happy Valentine’s Day fans…I dropped a package of love in your DMS,” Dolezal posted to her account Wednesday. “There are two options: 18 pic collection or a video.”

The now ex-teacher and lewd selfies creator became famous in 2015 in a viral media sensation for leading a chapter of the NAACP and claiming to be Black despite being born to White parents of European ancestry. She legally changed her name in 2016 to Nkechi Amare. She said race is a “social construct” in a 2017 CNN interview.

A 2017 update about Dolezal in the Guardian painted a bleak picture of her life, “Today Dolezal is jobless, and feeding her family with food stamps. A friend helped her pay this month’s rent; next month she expects to be homeless.” The report said the “only work she has been offered is reality TV, and p—.”

She said “the only place that I feel understood and completely accepted is with my kids and my sister.”