Michigan Satanic Statue Glorified By Democratic Staffer

It was bad enough that members of the Satanic Temple erected a statue of an idol in front of the Michigan Capitol. It became worse when a Democratic staffer took a picture kissing the Baphomet goat and posted it on X, formerly Twitter.

Samantha Shorka quickly took down the image of her adoring the statue and praising its presence at the Capitol. She added her description to the post: “In the name of Satan, I claim the s*xy satanic baphomet goat altar at OUR Michigan Capitol. Amen.”

Of course, she said that her display was merely a joke.

Despite her post staying online for only a short time, it went viral through a screenshot featured on the Libs of TikTok account. And even though she claimed a feeble attempt at humor, this was not Shorka’s first foray into mocking Christianity.

Just last Thursday, she posted on X, “Don’t forget to wish a Pagan a happy Yule and bright solstice.” She placed a goat emoji beside her holiday message.

The Republican response to the satanic display was far different from that of this young Democrat. Several GOP lawmakers signed a letter asking for the offensive statue’s removal.

The missive read: “We, as members of the Michigan House of Representatives, respectfully request the removal of the statue depicting a satanic goat from the grounds of the Capitol.”
The lawmakers said it is not only opposed to the founding principles of the Republic, but it established “a public display of evil.”

As evidence they cited the familiar admonition of John Adams to the Massachusetts Militia. “Morality and virtue are the foundation of our Republic and necessary for a society to be free.”

The letter correctly noted that the statue’s presence at the Capitol “seems to undermine these core values.” You think?

The placement of satanic statues is becoming more common during holiday seasons as a misguided protest against the will of the vast majority. A similar display was erected last week in the Iowa state Capitol by the Satanic Temple.

At least temporarily.

A Christian veteran made the trek from Missouri to Iowa with one purpose — to decapitate the idol. Michael Cassidy now faces charges for defacing the monument, though many Americans lined up solidly behind his stand.